Friday, December 7, 2012

Project 15 Collaboration

My group consisted of Courtney Block, Stephanie Tisdale, and myself. We used many resources that was suggested such as; google doc, google chat, and skype. All three ways were a really cool way to connect with the group, and my two  favorites were skype, and google doc. With the goodle docs all our notes were right there, and we could all be on at the same time.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Final report on PLN

My Personal Learning Network has come a long way, Since I started using Symbaloo. I have added some educational tools to my board, that are helpful. I really enjoyed adding the different tiles, and it makes it so convenient.

C4T Final Teacher

First week

John Hahnstadt wrote about using technology in PE. He went in a little early and made videos for fitnessgram testing. He used another coach and they made videos using The Coach's eye app. This only took about 15 minutes, and was ready to show when the class came in. I think it's a very good idea, and it helps show the students the proper way to exercises.

Second week

He did Flipped teaching football. I thought this was a really good idea, because the players could access this anytime, and it would help them get more familiar with their plays. It also kept him from having to meet and practice so much with the players.

C4K final

On November 5, I commented on Donny's  blog. Donny did a post about 9/11. He did a really good job describing the details of the Twin Towers. He knew details of how many  miles of staircases there was, and how tall they were. Reading his blog brought back a lot of sad memories of what happen that day. That day has become a day in our history books, and one many Americans will never forget.

On November 12, I commented on Faye's blog. She wrote about the election, and who she would vote for if she was old enough. Faye's choice was Mitt Romney. Her main reason for choosing him was for lower taxes, and more job opportunity. Faye did a really good job gathering her information about each Presidential Candidate.

On November 20, I commented on Makalia's blog. She wrote about the book Speak. She basically wrote a quick summary. I have never heard of the book Speak, but it seems like something that I might read. Makalia was a tenth grader from Baldwin County.